Our Story

WOWME International Group is headquartered in Ireland, headquartered by Chairman and founder H. E. Derrick Kok. The main business of the group revolves around Internet technology-related fields such as digital currency research institutes, financial technology, and IT technology research and development. Its subsidiaries are located all over the world, including many provinces in China (Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Qinzhou), Europe (London, Spain), the United States (Florida, New York), Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, etc. Covers a wide range, including technology real estate, nano biotechnology, agricultural technology, investment and financing, etc. As a leader in the international high-speed take-off, all directors fulfil the ultimate goal: to build a world-leading green and diversified super enterprise for sharing, win-win, and prosperity! In recent years, the group has won numerous international awards and recognition, highlighting the efforts of the elite core team within the group! The group integrates resources from all parties to actively reform the global business pattern, and is determined to break the existing cross-border bottleneck and become a leader in the new generation of business circles under the unanimous praise of the industry!



As a new generation of entrepreneurs in Malaysia, H. E. Derrick Kok has successfully created a new economic business concept of co-creation, sharing and co-prosperity based on innovative thinking, integrating Western and Eastern management wisdom and global market resources. In 2018, Derrick Kok was elected as the chairman of the Global Chinese Economic and Trade Development Alliance. In the same year, he was also selected as the “Health Ambassador” award at the 10th Beautiful China (Sichuan) Smart Hotel and Health Tourism Development Summit Forum, and was awarded by the State Secretary-General. Honorary Chairman of the International Department of the Thailand Legal Support Foundation, Vice Chairman of the 2019 Hong Kong International Digital Currency Forum, appointed as the President of the Belt and Road Cambodia Kingdom Branch of the China Innovation Planning Institute (a national institution of the central media), and won the 2020 Same Root, Same Dream World Chinese Model Award, and included in the list of the world’s 100 outstanding Chinese in the 2020 “Rising Power” series of the China International Report Literature Research Association and the National Publishing House.