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Combined with the social platform, WOW CHAT absorbs the advantages of all chat tools on the market, and maximizes security and privacy. At the same time, it also precisely combines the functions of WOWME payment wallet, allowing all users to make point-to-point transfers of funds (cryptocurrency) in the wallet without worry, simplifying the complex process of traditional cross-border transfers! Created the first chat tool in Europe with funds transfer & exchange functionality. At the same time, WOW CHAT will be the first ever chat tool that subverts the traditional, users can mine while using WOW CHAT. Realize the pioneering work of socializing and making money.

WOWME Exclusive Loyalty Program

We give out 60% of the profit to our market

Step 1

Refer a friend to register
on WOWME App

Step 2

Once your friend spend on WOW Chat and you will earn the bonus

Step 3

Unilevel mechanism can get
up to 18 lvl of bonus for lifetime

1. Alex refer Bryan to register on WOWME APP
2. Bryan (1st lvl) refer Chris (2nd lvl) to register
A > B > C

while Bryan (1st lvl) spend on WOW Chat
- Alex entitle to earn the profit sharing bonus

while Chris (2nd lvl) spend on WOW Chat
- Alex & Bryan (1st lvl) entitle to earn the profit sharing bonus

*Our unilevel marketing can go up to 18 levels

Why WOW Chat ?

1. Peer to Peer Encryption

Users privacy is the our priority, we using peer to peer encryption to secure you

2. All In One Msg

All our features are available to every regions. No limitation

3. Fund Transfer

WOW Chat allow user to transfer fund to others via our wallet. It support vary of currency

4. Optional Mining

Users can optionally active the mining function to earn our token.

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