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As a comprehensive enterprise in the new era, WOWME Group insists on spending huge sums of money to develop a new generation of blockchain 4.0 technology, pushing the blockchain ecosystem to another peak. The science and technology department of WOWME Group is fully investing in the development of a new open source “WOWME Chain” and incorporating artificial intelligence algorithms into it. This genesis change will develop a clear road in the field of blockchain! The group plans to launch a blockchain trading platform benchmarking against Binance at the same time as the release of “WOW Chain”, and also supports the transaction of “Non-fungible Token NFT” and the three-phase independent research and development of stable coins, namely “USDW” “EUROW” “ASIAW”. This helps to balance and stabilize cross-border transactions. It is more suitable for daily circulation rather than purely financial speculation!

WOWME Exclusive Loyalty Program

We give out 60% of the profit to our market

Step 1

Refer a friend to register
on WOWME App

Step 2

Once your friend exchange on WOW Exchange, you will earn the bonus

Step 3

Unilevel mechanism can get
up to 18 lvl of bonus for lifetime

1. Alex refer Bryan to register on WOWME APP
2. Bryan (1st lvl) refer Chris (2nd lvl) to register
A > B > C

while Bryan (1st lvl) sell crypto on WOW Exchange
- Alex entitle to earn the profit sharing bonus

while Chris (2nd lvl) sell crypto on WOW Exchange
- Alex & Bryan (1st lvl) entitle to earn the profit sharing bonus

*Our unilevel marketing can go up to 18 levels

Why WOW Exchange ?

1. Peer to Peer Encryption

Users privacy is the our priority, we using peer to peer encryption to secure you

2. Lowest Rate

We offer the lowest exchange rate in the market

3. Support Most Crypto

There are millions of crypto & tokens in the market but no exchange platform link it. We are the one who willing to do so

4. Mining Investment

Users can invest their crypto as mining to earn return of the mining result

5. Bonus For Referral

Every cent wowme earn from your downline, 60% of profit sharing we had count you one.

A decentralized trading platform you can trust

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