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Since the rapid spread of the global epidemic in 2020 and the new normal of extremely low travel rates, the food delivery industry has also risen. According to the report of the Malaysian National Commission of Inquiry, the number of food delivery workers has surged by 400% in two years. The field of food delivery has become a basic industry in the current epidemic!

WOWME Group will also expand the global unified takeaway service, and users can even order meals and set delivery times for overseas relatives and friends anytime, anywhere!

The board of directors of WOWME Group is considerate of the hardships of the business of its partners, and all the partners will be able to become a real member of the group by distributing free shares to the delivery staff at the time of listing. (T&C Apply)


WOWME Exclusive Loyalty Program

We give out 60% of the profit to our market

Step 1

Refer a friend to register
on WOWME App

Step 2

Once your friend order from WOW Food and you will earn the bonus

Step 3

Unilevel mechanism can get up to 18 lvl of bonus for lifetime

1. Alex refer Bryan to register on WOWME APP
2. Bryan (1st lvl) refer Chris (2nd lvl) to register
A > B > C

while Bryan (1st lvl) order a meal from WOW Food
- Alex entitle to earn the profit sharing bonus

while Chris (2nd lvl) order a meal from WOW Food
- Alex & Bryan (1st lvl) entitle to earn the profit sharing bonus

*Our unilevel marketing can go up to 18 levels

Why WOW Food ?

1. Foods For All Cravings

From hawker fare to Michelin restaurants, our wide selection will satisfy your appetite.

2. From Budget To Fine Dine

WOW Food's provide all class option for you. Starting from very affordable price

3. Instant Delivery

If your order delivered late, we will provide special voucher for you

4. Global Order

Buyer can order the food anytime anywhere, even oversea food order for you friends & family

5. Mix & Match

Can’t decide on one restaurant? Order food from multiple eateries and pay just one delivery fee with our Mix & Match menus.

6. Bonus For Referral Order

As a WOWME App user, we share our 60% lifetime profit to all user who refer their friend to order

WOW Food settled your all day meal

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