Wowme Tech


are proudly announce their technology line-up for 2023-2025. After 9 years of intensely investment in research and development, WOWME is announcing their first three main technologies.

   WOWME Shop


Our WOWME Shop incorporates our philosophy that everyone should benefit from the economic markets they participate in.



Our Shop will share the wealth created in our marketplace with the buyers, sellers and the platform equally. This unique arrangement will allow innovative new ways to sell and purchase products and services. 


Our competitors operate platform centric business models that overly compensate the platform above the interests of the buyers and sellers who make the market.

We are making it a partnership between all parties.



Our shop will lead our full platform launch. 


The shop is prioritised over the other features of our platform as it allows us to support the launch of the quantum dotsand WOWME Mask products and services with full Web 3.0 & GPT functionality. Our full platform introduction plan will build on the shop launch

   WOWME Face Mask


Time to face up to a healthier future

New health treatment that triggers the bodys own health and healing capabilities.

WOWME Mask. The mask has proven to be effective in thousands of consumers in lowering blood pressure, diabetes mitigation and improving eyesight. Our proprietary technology delivers a therapeutic dose of negative oxygen ions when used for just 30mins a few times a week. Positive effects have been recorded in as li?le as a few weeks. New customers are coming on line and further clinical studies are being planned. This proprietary technology has been selected as our launch product because it will enabled to run as a Web 3.0 & GPT product as a service. It is available through our new WOWME Shop.

WOWME Mask is approved for sale in 75 countries, a market of 4 billion people. WOWME are currently seeking distributors globally for our product.  


   WOWME Quantum Dot

WOWME Quantum Dot leverages the known unique properKes of quantum dots. Very low cost unique idenKfiers for billions of items. It can be done both overtly or covertly or in combinaKon to give the most reliable, full chain trancing and idenKficaKon of original goods.


Discussions with a certificate on body are well advanced to support their internaKonal certificate validaKon. Their cerKficaKon reach is over 40 countries and to a market of nearly 2 billion people. The cerKficaKon body has expressed a desire to work with WOWME to enhance their cerKficaKon systems. The WOWME Quantum Dot proprietary technology allows for the individual idenKficaKon and tracking of individual products to the end consumer. This blockchain secured technology significantly increases the cerKficaKon scope and empowers many commercial opportuniKes for the cerKficaKon bodies, the producers and the end consumers.


About WOWME  

WOWME Technology Limited. Is a new company that is bringing new technologies and business models to the global market. It is a technology company who controls the

Intellectual Property and distribution licenses for innovative products, apps and services that will make a long-lasting positive impact for the whole world. Everyone should have access to life improving technologies and everyone should benefit from the economic markets they participate in.  

WOWME is headquartered in Ireland where its European and US businesses is managed. We have offices in Hong Kong that manages our Asian markets. Our China offices manages our business in China and we are establishing Dubai offices to manage our future Middle-East business. Our manufacturing is based in Asia.

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